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Personal Connections for a Harmonium Lifestyle

Our Story

we are a loving and caring couple who provide spiritual ceremony services and personalized services for individuals and couples seeking to live in a harmonious relationship. They have a distinct, inherent desire to inspire and help fellow human beings to cherish and enjoy their ‘original, authentic selves’ as a daily living experience.


Personal Info

Life can be difficult and they have devised ways to avoid conflicts.  They offer Lifestyle Coaching,  Couples Communication Consultations, and Healthy Lifestyle Tips.  They offer services that are designed to take the guesswork out of the mind-body connection for inner growth.


Change your Outlook

  • Create a permanent shift in the way you think about yourself and the world around you.
  • Redesign a positive template for what is possible.
  • Enhance your skills of interpersonal communication with your ‘authentic self’ and others.
  • Create a positive permanent shift in the quality of daily living.
  • Generate heightened health so you move freely in your Golden Years of life.
  • Reconnect you with your natural body freedom.


  • Have you pondered over questions such as: “Who am I?” and “What am I doing here?”
  • Are inspired to walk your talk through self development?
  • Are seeking to live impeccably with your words and assumptions?
  • Are going through a transitional phase in life, or personal growth, and you feel a bit stuck, needing resolutions?
  • Want to increase your self awareness and self development for easier, peaceful living?


  • It’s high time you give yourself that well-deserved break to refocus on your personal Health-Wellness balance.
  • Tap into your authentic self, the one you were when you were born.
  • Follow a path of self discovery with like-minded, evolved individuals.
  • Share your inner dialogue and emotions with like-minded individuals and mentors for your emotional well-being and inner and outer growth for self development, self-awareness and self empowerment.


Join their Consultation Sessions and Discover your Life Purpose, together they can redefine your Meaning of Life. Their services are designed with a holistic approach, working gently from the outside body frame to the center of the heart – the centralization of power/spirit. They use concepts, techniques and strategies from various approaches, Eastern and Western, to make you feel empowered and loved. The goal of our consultations are to meet your deeper expectation, to feel connected to the miracle called LIFE.

This is not a complicated process, all you need is a little curiosity to begin, a willingness to open the heart mind and body, and with some gentle persistence it will all come to the sum total of feeling better, inside and out, making life an easier flow than that continual struggle.

Their personal consultations are designed for continuous, conscious interaction with the mind spirit and breath to help clear anxiety and stress, providing a canvass for growth, calmness, health and clarity. The goal is to collectively enter a natural fertile sacred space for new perspectives to nurture and grow, moving to a higher trust which will give more meaning to your life purpose, resulting in a positive, long-term investment into your overall quality of life.

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